Studies & surveillance


In addition to the information UKTIS collects on a daily basis from healthcare professional enquiries for the purpose of surveillance, UKTIS also conduct and participate in a number of more specific research projects.

UKTIS are currently involved in:

ConcePTION -  In April 2019, a landmark public-private partnership called ConcePTION was awarded a five year grant by the Innovative Medicines Initiative to tackle many of the research gaps related to medicines use by pregnant women.

The project, which unites 88 organisations from 22 different countries, aims to build a pan-European ecosystem for generating, monitoring and providing robust information on the safety of medicines use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

UKTIS is a consortium partner in the project and will work alongside other partners participating in numerous different work packages and sub-tasks.

To find out more about the ConcePTION project please click here to visit the website.

International ‘TIS’ studies - We are collaborating with teratology information services (‘TIS’) around the world to study the effects of a variety of drugs used in pregnancy.

We are aiming to improve the information we collect by giving women the opportunity to provide information directly to UKTIS. Please help us by creating your own bumps pregnancy record.

Scientific reports and publications:


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